RDM Concrete Placement, Inc.

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RDM Concrete Placement, Inc.

About RDM Concrete Placement, Inc.

RDM Concrete Placement, Inc., was incorporated in the year 2000 as an "S" corporation. This small business is owned and operated by Rick and Gabe Menefee. Rick is the operations Manager and Gabe is the Office Manager.

RDM Concrete Placement, Inc., often referred to as RDM Concrete, or just RDM, is licensed in the state of Arizona for residential and commercial concrete work, and is based in Glendale. This family run small business was created by Rick to manage a growing, "word of mouth" concrete business, and to become a vehicle for education and ministry.

Rick began his concrete career in 1983 as a laborer and worked his way up to foreman by 1989. During the 90's, Rick was self employed as an "owner operator" for a local package freight company. This was a perfect situation for him to practice concrete on the side as a non-licensed contractor while sharpening his finishing skills. This "side work" eventually became a business on it's own and after careful consideration Rick left the trucking industry to become a licensed contractor.

Now an experienced "journeyman finisher", Rick set out as RDM Concrete Placement, Inc. to capture what he perceived to be a void in the contracting market. That void consisted of small residential work that most established contractors simply were not interested in. The only real competition in the beginning was non licensed contractors working on the side. After the first year of business as a residential contractor only, RDM was asked to place a bid on a "Smart And Final" remodel project by a general contractor known as Miller Construction out of California. Our bid was accepted and it became necessary to acquire a commercial license.

We have now done several projects for Miller and other commercial accounts but we are still willing to stay true to our roots by continuing to offer top notch work to residential customers. Many contractors seem to "outgrow" the need to do residential work and admittedly homeowners can be a little harder to work with than commercial customers for a variety of reasons. We at RDM recognize that there is still somewhat of a void, or niche, in the residential market and as a "people" person, Rick is willing to do what it takes to "hang in there" with homeowners to see their projects through to completion.

"I understand that the average homeowner may not always recognize or comprehend all that goes into some of these kinds of projects, but when you've got people ready to get started on their projects, they sometimes get quite passionate about it. You've got to be willing to stand toe-to-toe with them and explain why something won't work or that certain building standards must be followed. As much as is possible though, I consider that what we're trying to do is stay as close as we can to the original idea or 'dream' without compromising quality or public safety."

"It's no longer about concrete, it's about getting people what they want at a fair price."

Rick Menefee